This too shall pass- Sabrina Escorcio

Whisper and the Roar

This too shall pass

This too shall pass

on these, my worst days

when scarlet blood memories
dry thick over wax mesh minutes
oxidized words once shouted
now whisper healing remedies
furtive broken flesh tilled like soil
rebirth coagulating thoughts
that stick mercilessly to old wounds
soft flesh blooms through death
this, self inflicted treatment
becomes consolation, prized
as I attempt redemption
tearing off bandages too quickly
to avoid more pain

this too shall pass

this too shall pass

She grew up with a love for nature, the dramatic arts, music, as well as books and literature. After years of journaling Sabrina came to know poetry, as an adult this became an avenue of self-expression during a time of personal strife.

This hunger for poetry was insatiable, leading her to scour second hand book stores for more inspiration. There she found classic authors such as Percy Shelley, Tennyson, and Sylvia Plath, as well as…

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Freedom Chains

Una Zingara


How do I let go
of what once
was deliverance
from this prison of self.

The perfect remedy,
I willfully ingested
with abandon and delight
now malignant.
Coiled about my ribs,
wrapping me in
sedentary sadness.

I am anchored here
in place,
by my very own
chains of freedom.

Sabrina Escorcio
August 9th, 2017 @9am


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I woke to a dream where cicadas hummed louder than my mind could speak. Where the earth cried out each sin within its depths, a spring from past delusion flowed out of bedrock just as the blood through my veins. I remained there, asleep with eyes wide open to never touch the sun, in search…

Ossuary- Sabrina Escorcio

Whisper and the Roar


She attempts to stand
upon uneven ground
atop a broken earth divide,
awkwardly balancing
between woman and child

Fissures of inheritance
the infectious bane
of her own existence,
formed beneath calloused soles
of sister, mother, grandmother

Charms contained within
the broken locket placed
delicate around her neck;
sacred curse of ancestry adorned,
yet blessed by envious men

Gaping hole expectations
inscribed in faint palm lines
anticipate a descent from innocence,
as brute, unforgiving hands voyage
forging reckless trespass

They emerge in procession
seeking temporary resolve
within the brimstone depths of
her fractured earth pedestal; built
by brother, father, grandfather

Instinctively she continues
heart blind and bound
planting seeds of trust, inside
the empty moral vessel
of a nutrient void society

Bedded upon a shroud
of ivory bridal linens,
virgin hope buried in white
between quivering legs; her
ever consuming crimson tide
an ossuary proclaimed by men

Sabrina Escorcio was born…

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As memories burn, smoke lingers thick and I am left here with blurred vision from a mind’s eye that stings with regret. Just enough, to impair vision. Just enough, to weaken judgement. So, with an open mouth I make another attempt to gasp for a swill of air, eager to receive relief; the breath of reconciliation, to fill hopeless lungs. Yet,…


It’s as though all emotions come out when it’s night, and I am left here to somehow cope, experiencing them like a flood all at once. It is difficult to describe that sensation to you, but I will try. They sink to the pit of my stomach like lead while simultaneously residing on the surface…


Look to the edge of light where our future reality hides under an illuminating shadow of hope it is within this place, I long to reside will you come, and follow me This path, laden with humble promises among the stones like scattered seeds just left of centre from perfection at the fringe from where…


  I dress in courage this morning hands lead without thought into vacant arm holes. A tired attempt to pull bravery over mind while instinctively holding my breath in fear. This make shift armour wrapping my torso like a sweater made of the itchiest wool. An unforgiving knit woven together with threads of past, now…

Library Room

Enter the library room within this castle of ours uncover the heavy fabric from the grand windows letting in streams of radiant light feel the suns warmth upon our skin While I putter about cleaning cob webs you can choose for me your favourite book blow dust from its cover run fingers over its binding…

First Confessions

When I was a young girl, I found solace among willows. Playing for hours between giant trunk legs, as they stood guard with sturdy wooden columbs. Laying beneath, I remained basking in the glow of a backlit sapphire sky; just as a small child might attempt to hide under the hem of a mothers skirt.…

Paper in Fire 

She chases her dreams as though they are  destinations. Journeying through days, crossing  into years; the fabled places mounded by each  desire.  Seeking solace of one kind or another, runnng  from storms left behind. Yet, she herself is the  chaos she has been seeking reprieve from; her  own touch upon dreams like paper in fire. …


Reflections of self have grown dim over time, bitterness holds the mirror now as shadows of doubt cast thick over truth that once glowed radiant. Tarnished years remain wholly ordained, lies become the brave visage worn preserving what little faith remains within the frame of conviction. Turn me then, distant from the glare of unforgiving…


Tucked under a melancholic moon I fell fast asleep, under a blanket of evening stars that silently hummed a lonesome lullaby; my mind sought rest atop a pillow damp with past. Bravely I approached dawn, escorted into wakefulness by the most radiant sun eagerly exposing daylight. Profoundly content suspended in her solitary, while immersed bountifully…

Sleep Walk

An emptiness consumes me, thick as fog rolling through damp, lonely streets under the obscure glow of a maddened moon Sorrow penetrates the air that suspends each new born thought, while fear awaits conception inside shadows of doubt; quietly scheming The metronomic pull of existence performes her rhythmic chant upon the temporal ridge of another…


Whispers penetrate flesh walls, truth resounds like a melody within the temple of mind. A church choir of boys sing latin, a tongue they never truly understood, yet made beautiful in spite. An angelic host of innocence, perched in perfect rows; perverse men licking dry lips conduct harmony, as chorus echoes in rounds confined by…

Freedom Chains

How do I let go of what once was deliverance from this prison of self. The perfect remedy, I willfully ingested with abandon and delight now malignant. Coiled about my ribs, wrapping me in sedentary sadness. I am anchored here in place, by my very own chains of freedom. Sabrina Escorcio August 9th, 2017 @9am…


I want to wake cocooned by your embrace, my darling love. Bodies swathed within morning. Lay still there, in wakeful slumber with my head upon breast bone. Listening intently to the beat of your heart; truth confessed with each vibration. In this place remain, tracing poetry onto your chest. Words carried by pulse current, penetrating…


The sound of silence rings loudly in my ears. Mute muscle memory paralyzed between clenched teeth and tongue-tied truth. Clouds drifting above whisper sustenance. Droplets embedded within saturated mist. Truth resides here seeking release, only to fade with each lingering thought that ceases to exist. Vocal cord vibrations chaotically spasm anticipating a storm upon distant horizons. Where inaudible screams line each intention as they spill upon the crest of reality. Knowledge eclipsed creeping…


My words burn like a forest fire into the night flowing unrestrained from heart to paper, filling page after page. Melancholy ash settles, staining the regret bound script of what has now become our unwritten story. Sabrina Escorcio August 14th, 2017 c2007 Source - tjdrysdale